The Seven Sacred Rites of Menopause by Kristi Meisenbach Boylan

“Do not judge a book by its cover,” it is said. This would have been good advice for me. From the cover, I had expected this to be a book of croning rituals. But it really wasn’t. So what was it? The author identified seven stages of transition that a woman goes through as part of the menopausal process, and suggests ways for women to move most easily through those

Exploring Celtic Druidism by Sirona Knight

Celtic Druidism has been a path steeped in mystery with a power at one with the earth and as ancient as the land from whence it comes. In her book, Exploring Celtic Druidism, Sirona Knight gives the reader a look into the history, mythology, beliefs and practices of Celtic Druidism. Sirona Knight is trained in a form of Celtic Druidism known as Gwyddonic Druidism, a Welsh tradition. In enchanting detail

About Spiritualitea

Spiritualitea began in 1998 as an online journal chronicling my spiritual explorations (back then we didn’t call them “blogs”).  By ’99 or 2000, it had evolved into an overall spiritual site with a lively community — the chatroom was full almost 24/7.  During those years I was finishing my Ph.D. and working mostly from home for companies like and Lycos, chatting in my spare time here at ‘Tea (as

Using Herbs Simply and Safely

Are herbs “dilute forms of drugs” – and therefore dangerous? Or are they “natural” – and therefore safe? If you sell herbs, you probably hear these questions often. What is the “right” answer? It depends on the herb! These thoughts on herbs will help you explain to your customers (and yourself) how safe–or dangerous– any herb might be.

An Open Letter from Silver Ravenwolf

I’d like to openly thank the hundreds of people who have sent me positive e-mails on the upcoming Teen Witch Kit. Although several newsgroups are indicating I am receiving a great deal of negative e-mail, and I’m told that a few webpages are trying their best to damage my reputation, to be honest I’ve only received negative e-mails from twelve people. What is more surprising and heartening, I’ve also received