Wicca and Neopaganism

Goddess: On the proliferation of goddess imagery in popular culture

Change happens slowly, but when it finally hits, the years of individual strides and steps culminate in a burst of change. Trouble is, change doesn’t always take effect in the ways we’d hoped. When the “goddess movement” was birthed out of feminism in the early seventies by groups of women passionate about both political and personal growth, it started with small circles of women determined to use magic as a

Women Dancing

I am unusually hesitant in posting this essay, for I have some ten thousand pages or so of notes, xeroxes, earlier essays, etc. on this topic, only a fraction of which I’ve been able to scan in and merge over the last few weeks. But the sudden upsurge of visitors to my website last Halloween made it clear that I need to have something, however incomplete, here for people to

Introduction to the Sabbats: The Magic of Ancient Celtic Beliefs in a Contemporary Society

Thank you for the days, Those endless days, those sacred days you gave me. I’m thinking of the days, I won’t forget a single day, believe me. –Ray Davies, the Kinks The most important thing to understand about the eight Witchcraft Sabbats is that they are not man-made. By this, I mean that they are not holidays in the same way that Independence Day is a holiday, i.e. a calendar

Pagan Parenting in a Muggle World

Parenting is hot. Paganism is hot. But to this Pagan mama, it seems that finding a variety of resources to meet the needs of a variety of paths is a bit more difficult than youd think. Perhaps Gwyneth Paltrow needs to have a come-to-Goddess moment. Maybe Land of Nod should offer My First Cauldron in a variety of peppy colors. But until then, the options for creatively filling your childs

Spiritualitoys: Free Content for Your Website

  Pick & Choose Feature Articles The following articles are available for republication. You are free to copy these articles onto your own site, print magazine, class hand-out, or newsletter as long as no changes, additions or deletions are made to the text. All the information in the box below each article must be included on the document whenever it is distributed or reproduced. Divining Today How to Find a

Ask Phoenix: Love Spells

Q: How do I perform a love spell? I know the dangers and i still want to try. I honestly feel this person I want to put it on and I really are meant to be and I believe this person really does care for me but is afraid to show it. –Patti A: This is probably one of the toughest and most common questions a witch will encounter. Witches

Ask Phoenix: Defining Terms - What is the difference between Old Religion, Eclectic, and Kitchen Wicca?

Q: Could you elaborate on the difference in Old Religion, Eclectic and Kitchen Wiccan and the mixes of these? I’m searching through the web, but I’d like a comparitive opinion or observation, not my uneducated deductions…Thank you. — Kimberly A: As you probably already know, Wicca is a twentieth century religion. It was created out of human minds, a mix of ancient practices, turn of the century spiritualism, and ceremonialism

Ask Phoenix: How to Become a Witch

Q: Since I first learned about wicca and magic and all that about spiritualism I have been wanted to become a witch. I have made a small book of shadows and I perform some small time rituals. But I never had any comunication with any real wicca other than reading stuff on the net. I only wonder what am I supposed to do to gain power and knowledge to become