Headaches - What a Pain! Homeopathy Helps

The subject of headaches is a vast one, but neednt be elusive. Homeopathy has a reputation for addressing headaches squarely without side effects and worsening of the person in general. The first step in bringing the person to a better state of being is to stop taking analgesics. Tylenol, aspirin and their derivatives admittedly remove the pain, but only to suppress the illness and throw it into the future with

Ahh Choo! the Common Cold Cured With Homeopathy

I once heard a saying that went like this: A clever doctor can cure a cold in a fortnight and it will get well in itself in fourteen days. This is indicative of the way colds have been dealt with while on modern medicines watch. However, there is a certain method that can indeed address illness the way medicine was meant to. Homeopathy. It, in fact, has a sterling reputation

What Is Homeopathy?

About 200 years ago Samuel Hahnemann, a German physician, gave up his practice of medicine when he found the medications of his time to be ineffective and dangerous. He later resumed practice after he discovered homeopathy. Homeopathy is a therapeutic method using natural substances in micro dosages to stimulate the body’s innate natural resources. Homeopathy views a person’s health as a reflection of the entire individual rather than only in