Divination and Intuition

Understanding the Tarot Card Deck, Part 1

One of the first steps toward understanding the Tarot lies in appreciating the meaning of its two Arcana the Major and the Minor. But even before that, the novice does well by committing to memory the meaning of Arcana defined as mysterious knowledge, language, or information accessible only by the initiate.

Understanding a Tarot Card Reading

Getting the most from a Tarot card reading relies on the readers ability to perceive not only the symbolic meaning from the spread, but also the mystical significance. Although every card of both the Major and the Minor Arcana possesses its own individual symbolism within the representative images on the cards, it is the deeper, spiritual enlightenment of the cards that leads to a greater understanding. Attaining this type of

How To Do Traditional Coffee Divination

We have a sort of Mother Witch . . . which are the Coffee and Tea Throwers to tell People’s fortunes. -From Round About Our Coal-Fire, 1731   “If you want to improve your understanding, drink coffee.” -Sydney Smith, 1771-1845 Reading Coffee Grounds The most well-known coffee divination technique is the reading of coffee grounds. The method is virtually identical to tea leaf divination, and both are known collectively by

Divining Today

The materials are laid out before you: cards, stones, coins, even the stray leaves in your teacup. You puzzle over the swords, cups, wands, and circles, or perhaps an unfamiliar alphabet, or even something as seemingly simple as a series of lines, broken and unbroken. And let’s face it, of all the world’s most perplexing mysteries, certain questions assert themselves at the forefront of our thoughts: Does he/she still love

History of the Ouija

In the year 1848, something unusual happened in Hydesville, New York. Two sisters, Kate and Margaret Fox, contacted the spirit of a dead peddler, became instant celebrities and sparked a national obsession that spread all across the United States and Europe. It was the birth of modern Spiritualism.

Be Your Own Psychic

Please read the entire program before doing suggested meditations, in order to enable you to have a better understanding of the information. The information you are about to read is of little value to you unless you apply it. YOU must do your part. anything that is worth having is worth working for.