Divination and Intuition

Aries Symbol

Passion is never a problem for Aries. Nor is self-assertion. Nor is being downright pushy and tromping on toes if that gets a job done. Aries is long on initiative and ambition, notoriously short on tact — and few will apologize for that. Whoever first said, “Lead, follow or get out of the way,” was an Aries through and through. (Only what he meant was “I’m gonna lead. The rest

Developing Your Intuition Through Lifes Cycle

Developing intuition through each life cycle is a healthy way to take charge of the way our lives unfoldwhether the cycle be of the months or years of our lives, or the smaller cycles we go through daily from the time we rise until we sleep. Here are seven ways to develop your intuition. Each is designed to help you get past the brain patterns youve created with your normal

How to Survive Christmas using the Tarot

Christmas, the season of goodwill and cheer is nearly upon us. Whether one loves it or hates it there is no avoiding it. Many people try to escape it by flying off to sunny seasides in an attempt to rid themselves of tinsel mayhem and misery. Yet try as they might they are still dealing with Christmas, still acknowledging its inevitable existence and making plans to avoid it. It’s around

Career Guidance From the Cards

As a career consultant, I meet people who feel they are standing at a fork in the road, seeking guidance on whether to turn right or left. Accept this job offer? Resign from a frustrating job? Return to school? “I know the answer is within me,” they say, “but how do I gain access to my inner wisdom?”

Spiritual Guidance and Inspiration Through Tarot

The Following is an introduction to Spiritual Guidance Tarot Reading as it is taught in my upcoming book/class Spiritual Guidance Tarot – A Journey in Self-Discovery.” In my many years of reading and interpreting the cards I have discovered that the most effective readings tend to focus not on “fortune telling” but on inspiring and motivating people to seek their own truths within. I seek to show the individual methods

Understanding Tarot: Seeing Beyond the Myths

There are many misconceptions surrounding the Tarot that have caused much debate. For the past 15 years I have used the Tarot as an instrument to gain understanding and insight. In this time I have had to grow into this tool also, learning through experience what it can and cannot do. Tarot is not a fortune telling device as often depicted. It is not a magic wand that lays out

Tarot Basics

A Tarot card deck typically consists of 78 colorful cards imprinted with what many deem fascinating and curious images. The cards, each filled with a particular meaning and portent, most often come somewhat larger than ordinary playing cards and make an impressive display when ritually laid out. This deck of special cards can be used by a trained reader for glimpsing into his or her own future or that of

Understanding the Tarot Card Deck, Part 2

Tarot card reading delves into an individuals psyche and thus depends largely upon the energy that person generates, whether consciously or subconsciously. And because human beings are complex creatures with all kinds of major and minor issues not only negative, but positive as well the Tarot must duly address them all. So, although the Major Arcana bring to light the larger issues in life, there also exists the Minor Arcana