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Egyptian Revenge Spells

Obviously this is a tantalizing title, especially for those of us who were taught that practicing negative magick is wrong. Its forbidden fruit, now isnt it, yet as a close friend of mine believes, the motivation for most spellcasting is revenge. While this book is a fun idea and the title page does warn the reader (in very small print) that it is for entertainment only I have to say

Eastern wisdom, modern life: Collected talks 1960-1969 by Alan Watts

I first learned about Buddhism in an undergraduate course on Eastern philosophy. The class read the work of a Zen master, which we all found dense, complicated, and perplexing yet interesting. To save us the several anguishing hours trying to interpret eastern philosophy with a Western mind, I wish that we had read Alan Watts’ book. Watts writes about Buddhism is simple and eloquent language using Western terms to explain

Quest for the Crystal Castle by Dan Millman

You’ve just finished an inspiring book and you think to yourself, wow — what I wouldn’t give to have known these ideas when I was a kid. This sometimes happens if you come to neopaganism or any of the other spiritual paths far from the mainstream later in your adult life. Dan Millman gives the next generation of spiritual seekers the chance to get acquainted with new ways of thinking

The Shamanic Witch: Spiritual Practice Rooted in the Earth and Other Realms by Gail Wood

It’s easy to get a bit restless as a witch. Sometimes it seems like it’s just one sabbat after another, with the same quarter calls, the same invocations. There can be so many moments of joyful community but there can also be drama or no connection at all. And being a solitary practitioner can feel too isolated without fellowship, input, inspiration from like-minded seekers. It’s easy to lose your way,

Covencraft: Witchcraft for Three or More by Amber K

Whether you’re searching for a coven or hoping to build one from scratch, you’ll no doubt find valuable information in Amber K’s book, Covencraft. Many books purport to be as useful to beginners as to those further along on their path, but this 500 page tome really fulfills the promise. For beginners, it outlines what being a witch is about, providing everything from a cosmological overview of the religion to

To Light A Sacred Flame: Practical Witchcraft for the Millenium by Silver Ravenwolf

In the best of all possible worlds, a young witch can find a mentor to guide her as she learns to grow her personal power, celebrate divinity in ritual and cast spells to enrich her world and help others. But, more often than not, individuals find themselves turning to books to learn these new skills. Silver Ravenwolf has established herself as a virtual mentor to hundreds of new witches, with

Legend: The Arthurian Tarot and Keeper of Words (companion book) by Anna Marie Ferguson

I chose this book because of my love for tarot. I was not disappointed. Anna Marrie Ferguson demonstrates her passion for this subject by intertwining her knowledge of Arthur and tarot throughout this well thought out book. She gives each card a meticulous meaning as she takes you on a journey through the life and times of King Arthur. Each card represents a person or a story that draws you

Goddess Companion: Daily Meditations on the Feminine Spirit by Patricia Monaghan

With The Goddess Companion, Patricia Monaghan has delivered a daybook of ancient celebration, a touchstone of daily inspiration, and a bountiful reference book. Monaghan, one of the premier authors of goddess-focussed resources, has compiled hundreds of prayers, chants, and folk songs from such diverse sources as Lithuania to Japan to the Christian bible to native Alaska. Each is a potent invocation to the goddess in her mother, lover, warrior, and

Witches' Night Out A novel for teens by Silver Ravenwolf

Let me start by saying I am nearly 40 years old, and I have never read one of Silver RavenWolf’s books before. I know her work is wildly popular among witches, especially her writings for teenagers. I am a witch, and I collect teenage girls’ series novels, so I had high hopes for this little book, the first of a series about teen witches. Even though I’m not a teenager,