Quest for the Crystal Castle by Dan Millman

You’ve just finished an inspiring book and you think to yourself, wow — what I wouldn’t give to have known these ideas when I was a kid. This sometimes happens if you come to neopaganism or any of the other spiritual paths far from the mainstream later in your adult life. Dan Millman gives the next generation of spiritual seekers the chance to get acquainted with new ways of thinking

The Shamanic Witch: Spiritual Practice Rooted in the Earth and Other Realms by Gail Wood

It’s easy to get a bit restless as a witch. Sometimes it seems like it’s just one sabbat after another, with the same quarter calls, the same invocations. There can be so many moments of joyful community but there can also be drama or no connection at all. And being a solitary practitioner can feel too isolated without fellowship, input, inspiration from like-minded seekers. It’s easy to lose your way,

Down to Earth Rituals: Weeding your Spirit

My parents have a plentiful yard. When they first moved into this house, the back yard was oak trees and grass. Now it’s landscaped with an abundance of flora that seems to change subtlyover the years. There are at least a dozen hibiscus, a camphor tree, azalea bushes, and quite a few other plants that I can’t identify. Pathos, one of the easiest houseplants to grow, has taken over one

Pagan Parenting in a Muggle World

Parenting is hot. Paganism is hot. But to this Pagan mama, it seems that finding a variety of resources to meet the needs of a variety of paths is a bit more difficult than youd think. Perhaps Gwyneth Paltrow needs to have a come-to-Goddess moment. Maybe Land of Nod should offer My First Cauldron in a variety of peppy colors. But until then, the options for creatively filling your childs

Ask Phoenix: Love Spells

Q: How do I perform a love spell? I know the dangers and i still want to try. I honestly feel this person I want to put it on and I really are meant to be and I believe this person really does care for me but is afraid to show it. –Patti A: This is probably one of the toughest and most common questions a witch will encounter. Witches

Ask Phoenix: Defining Terms - What is the difference between Old Religion, Eclectic, and Kitchen Wicca?

Q: Could you elaborate on the difference in Old Religion, Eclectic and Kitchen Wiccan and the mixes of these? I’m searching through the web, but I’d like a comparitive opinion or observation, not my uneducated deductions…Thank you. — Kimberly A: As you probably already know, Wicca is a twentieth century religion. It was created out of human minds, a mix of ancient practices, turn of the century spiritualism, and ceremonialism

Ask Phoenix: How to Become a Witch

Q: Since I first learned about wicca and magic and all that about spiritualism I have been wanted to become a witch. I have made a small book of shadows and I perform some small time rituals. But I never had any comunication with any real wicca other than reading stuff on the net. I only wonder what am I supposed to do to gain power and knowledge to become

Ask Phoenix: The Magickal Properties of Stones, Rocks & Crystals

Q: I am told that there is a special energy in stones, rocks, crystals, and other natural earth formations. how does one go about *feeling* the energy in these objects, how does one meditate on these things, and what else are they used for? — Marley A: The energy that is attributed to stones and crystals is usually a product of an association, emotion, or other sense that someone feels