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Pick & Choose Feature Articles

We offer articles by Sandra Mizumoto Posey, Ph.D. on a variety of spiritual topics. You are free to copy these articles onto your own site, print magazine, class hand-out, or newsletter as long as no changes, additions or deletions are made to the text. All the information in the box below each article must be included on the document whenever it is distributed or reproduced.

  • Divining Today
  • How to Find a Spiritual Teacher You Can Trust
  • Goddess tm: On the Proliferation of Goddess Imagery in Popular Culture

  • Dynamically Changing Feature Articles

    Articles on each of the eight sabbats in the wheel of the year by Mike Nichols will appear on your site automatically at the appropriate time of year. Choose either the longer excerpt or the shorter excerpt, each of which links to the article in its entirety.


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    Esmerelda's Spell Advisor

    Put Esmerelda on your homepage and she'll dole out advice on what you'll need to create a spell for love, prosperity, protection, psychic development, and healing.

    Cafe Nation - Your Coffee Fortune-teller

    When you wave your cursor over the cup of coffee, steam will magically rise from the cup. Concentrate on your question, click on the image, and a window containing your fortune will appear. Learn about coffee & your future at the same time!


    Want to know if you and you-know-who are compatible? Enter your sign on the left, his/hers on the right, and see whether or not you're on fire or merely tepid.

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